How can I create a luxury bathroom feel at home?

By | March 11, 2017

bathroomTiles2Everyone wants to have a home which looks royal, classy and rich. But can we buy everything that looks royal? Won’t it be out of our budgets? Well we all love luxuries places and going to a three star or five star hotel is the best because of the royal ambience they gift us. But the best thing in the whole sweet room they have to offer us is the bathroom

Somewhere we all desire to have a luxuries bathroom to get a spa and royal feel at home itself, if you too want it then you can create a luxury bathroom feel by just adding this simple things to your room.

  • Add art – Art in bathroom doesn’t mean add paintings, but make effective use of bathroom tiles. Choose appropriate tiles depending on the choice of the look you want for your bathroom. Vintage, classy and modern anything can be done. You can even use bathroom wall tiles  to add funky arts like “shower here” or sign boards pointing out things etc. this makes your bathroom look funky and classy both.
  • Proper color – Never use colors which will fade faster, usually people use only white for their bathroom. This traditional use of colors must be stopped if you want to make your bathroom look luxurious. Use effective dark colors like maroon, dark blue with some other contrast color bathroom tiles to give them a design. Do not over use one color in the whole of your bathroom that looks shabby and untidy.


  • Superior Quality Tiles –  Quality is one factor which should be focused most, regardless the color if quality is good then anything can be suited. It’s very important that high quality tiles should be used and it should match other fixed tiles on floor and beside areas.  Split face Mosaic tiles can be the good choice as their material matches any color and it’s suitable for any kind of climate. The texture of Split face tiles is also different from others as different kind of finishing done on it.
  • Bathroom wall tiles around the mirror – Every bathroom has a mirror but not efficiently used a prop to decorate your bathroom and give a luxurious look. Well cheap bathroom tiles around the mirror also play an important role as you can give a proper color contrast to it and make a very creative use of the mirror and tile combination, one can even add chart bathroom floor tiles  to make it look attractive and to give a unique touch to your house.


  • Add a bath tub – The best way to make your bathroom look luxurious is by adding a bath tub. Bath tub gives a very grand look to your bathroom; make sure you use a cream color bath tub to give a royal touch to it. If your bathroom is not huge, then still there is nothing to worry you can still make best use of small sized and medium sized bath tubs.
  • Use dim lights- if you have ever noticed every five star and three star hotels also have dim lights and split face tiles always given shine on this kind of lightning. They do not use loud huge bulbs. Dim lights give a specific touch to your house and this will help you to make your bathroom look classy. Loud lights hit your eyes, they do not give calmness and so these dim lights give a royal and a very luxurious touch to the bathroom.
  • Proper tiles according to the appliances – make sure if you are using any sort of appliances in the bathrooms like washing machines or even the shower nulls and handles and tubes are regularly cleaned and the color contrast is matching.
  • Clean Bathroom – In case you do not have proper time for regular maintenance of the bathroom floor bathroom floor tiles then make sure you use natural stone tiles and give a vintage look to the bathroom as they do not require much of maintenance when it comes to cleanliness and they look new and they don’t even fade anytime soon.
  • Use creative shower heads – there is something unique about these shower heads in spite of having a bath tub make sure you always have a shower head and your bathroom bricks must match this shower head to bring out the best look with the help of proper color contrast.
  • Clean towels and proper aid – make sure your bathroom is organized one can find things at the place they expect it to be, this gives a royal touch of organization to the bathroom. Proper aid and clean towels are small things to be noticed but if they are dirty they still tarnish your bathroom and hygiene image. So make sure you have a constant check on them just like the luxurious hotels.

So these are the effective ways to give your bathroom a luxurious touch by doing small things in your budget, this is the best way you can pull of the luxury look in your normal bathroom.