Dated floors can wear and begin to show their age.

By | April 18, 2017

concrete polishing
Replacement is the first choice for many eager homeowners once they encounter a damaged item. Sometimes this happens in spite of there being only a small amount of damage. This does not always make economic sense. It is especially true of floors. You may spend the money to replace a badly damaged floor or you can spend your money wisely while looking into floor restoration.

A concrete floor that has evidence of age and damage can be enhanced with restoration. This is a factor that makes these types of floors highly desirable. They are durable and long lasting. To start the process a thin layer of cement or polymer is applied over the damaged floor. This additional layer covers cracks and surface imperfections. It also serves a dual purpose of leveling out floors while also repairing damage at the same time.

Why chose Floor Rejuvenation

There are a number of reasons that make restoration a more attractive option over floor replacement.

First to consider is cost. Restoration is more economical. Replacing entire floors with new material can get expensive and the cost can be a deterrent. Concrete grinding Melbourne may be just the cure for floors in poor condition. By comparison  polishing costs roughly 3 times less than replacement does. All that is required is the purchase of a few required materials, hiring a good flooring contractor. The job will be completed in short order.

Next, it is suitable for a wide range of floor types. This versatility makes it an attractive choice for both residential homes and businesses alike. Those on the fence about choosing to restore their floor need not fret. The process works quite well. The key is finding an expert in floor restoration that is capable of servicing your home or business.

Variety is another factor to consider. The possibilities are numerous with regards to the color, style and even texture. Those that don’t want a cookie cutter floor can flex their decorative muscle and select a finish that provides a more aesthetically appealing result. This can prove to be practical as well. Numerous non-slip coatings can be layered over the floor, resulting in an even safer walking surface. This is ideal for homes with small children or seniors. These finishes fit a wide range of budgets as well allowing you complete control and the ability to personalize.

Self-leveling products avoid the messy hassle of breaking up the old floor during the restoration process. Imperfections are no longer a thought once the flooring techs work their magic. They apply the product and spread it smoothly over the entire flooring surface. Since the job is not a total demolition and rebuild it conserves time, effort.

Floors have to withstand much abuse. They are the most used element within a home or business. Everyone needs a durable floor that is conservative in maintenance cost.  polishing will take care of surface imperfections and help extend the lifespan of the floor.

Rejuvenation also offers a good return on investment. It is  functional and increases the visual appeal of the space. With the use of a non-slip coating it also increases safety. All of which will inspire confidence in those using the home or business.

Floor Repair

polishing is best reserved for moderate imperfections. It is great for floors that damaged beyond repair. Floors with big holes or numerous, long cracks may be indicative of foundation issues. Those types of floors are not suitable for restoration as it is often beyond its capabilities.

Why Turn to A Quality Floor Restoration Pro?

When taking on this project hire a trained and experienced flooring contractor. It can be tempting to take on the task yourself. However, you should avoid giving in as many experts caution this task is best left to those trained in it. Melbourne offers a number of qualified concrete floor restoration companies. You need only locate one that has the experience and ability to accommodate your space.

In your search for the right pro, proceed cautiously. Some contractors will not be forthright. You want to avoid falling for scam artists who can leave you high and dry in the middle of a project. No one wants to end up with a floor that looks as if it survived a meteor shower. You also don’t want a floor that looks great for a short while but quickly deteriorates weeks later. Performing due diligence and look for a quality experienced pro. They will fix the flooring issue and provide your with assurance during the process as tips on how to properly maintain the great new floor.