Avoid DIY Demolitions

By | May 6, 2017

There are several reasons a home can need to be demolished. The property can maintain a large amount of biohazardous materials or toxic materials. The land the property sits on may need to be cleared for future uses or new construction plans.

If you home or business requires a demolition do not attempt the project yourself. DIY demolition efforts can do far more harm than good. Exposing harmful materials, incurring personal injury, dealing with enormous personal costs and acquiring your own project permits can all be aspects of DIY demolition efforts.

Leave your residential or commercial demolition needs to experienced contractors. Professionals have the equipment, understanding and experience to legally, safely and efficiently perform the demolition project. Experts take the burden off your shoulders and leave you with a fully and cleared area.

Demolition Permits
A demolition permit is required for every home or business demolition project. Permits need to be applied for and contain a number of specific files including and asbestos abatement form, a public tree disclosure form, a letter of authorization and colour photographs of the building. Permit timelines cannot be specified as the city simply begins processing the application after you have retrieved all the required forms.  If a permit is not obtained the city can force the project to stop, you can receive a fine and can untimely do far more work than would be required if you obtained a permit.

Demolition Costs
The cost of a professional demolition project is often several thousand dollars. Though purchasing all the required equipment for your demolition project coupled with the time requirements of the project can be far more costly. A number of tools will need to be purchased to effectively accomplish the project. The project will then take much more time than it would with a professional team of contractors, lead by an excavator. After you complete the project, the clean-up time and or costs can further showcase how hiring a professional demolition contractor can save you time and money.

Demolition Air Hazards
Undergoing a demolition project can uncover a number of air pollutants. Property mold, animal infestation remains, or asbestos containing materials can all be found and broken down during a demolition project. While applying for a permit a full asbestos inspection will need to be completed. Attempting to demolish your own property can put you in direct contact with some of these harmful substances.

Professional Demolition Services
Experienced demolition companies can help with every step of your demolition project. Professionals can provide complete initial inspections, as well as obtain all the required forms and documents for your permit application. They can also help with your application and permit approval process. Professionals can set up all the fencing and signage required. Contractors can use large excavators to efficiently demolish your home or business. Finally, a professional contractor can clean up the site after the project is complete, so you are left with a completely cleared section of land. Leaving your demolition needs to professionals allows for more efficient and stress-free demolition processes.